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Can Augmented Reality be used in the Fashion industry?

Can Augmented Reality be used in the Fashion industry

Do you have an online clothing store? If yes, you must be an entrepreneur and want to take your online store to the next level; that’s why you want to know.

“Can Augmented Reality be used in the Fashion Industry?”

Because if you want to take your store to the next level and prepare your store for the future, so AR ( Augmented Reality ) is only the solution that can help you to take your store one step a head.

Yes, AR ( Augmented Reality ) is used in Fashion Industry.


At this stage, I would like to show you some stats by seeing that you’ll have a bit of clarity regarding How much companies are using AR to increase their sales.

I hope these stats have given you an answer to what you want to know; by seeing these stats, you can assume how much business an online fashion store owner can make because augmented reality and virtual reality are the future.

Role of AR in the Fashion Industry

VR and AR mean Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality plays an important role in the Fashion industry and other industries. There are many problems that usually e-commerce owners face; there are many complex processes like budgeting, inventory management product marketing. Product marketing is one of the main parts of increasing sales and taking product marketing to the next level. AR technology has been launched.

Let’s have a look at how does AR play a role in the Fashion industry

  • People can shop in comfort.
  • Interactive Fashion Marketing with AR.
  • Immersive Way of Presentation and Branding.
Augmented Reality Virtual Reality
AR adds (augments) to the real-world scene. VR completely replaces what people see and experience.
Augmented reality is open and only partially immersive. In a virtual reality experience, users are fully immersed.
In a virtual reality experience, users are fully immersed. Enabled through VR headsets such as google daydream, Oculus Go, Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.
AR Samples: Pokemon GO, Snapchat lenses VR Samples: Smallworlds and Second life

Immersive Way of Presentation and Branding

I think augmented reality in fashion can do wonders. Now the designers and entrepreneurs can showcase their products in a very presentable and interesting way.

It’ll be completely out of the box with the help of that people can easily explore the clothes without making any effort. It’ll show your product in 360 views so the audience can better experience the product.

Interactive Fashion Marketing with AR

Many companies are already using AR technology. With Augmented Reality’s help, we can now decrease the return rate and increase the customer experience because people will be able to try clothes even without wearing them.

People can shop in comfort

Now people can try clothes with more customization and visualization under living in their comfort zone with the help of augmented reality. Virtual try-on can give you any product projection on your mobile phone to try virtual any cloth.

What is a virtual try-on?

Virtual try-on is a technology that allows people to try products through mobile or other devices equipped with a camera. With the help of Virtual-try-on, customers can see themselves on the screen of their smartphones.

Why is virtual try-on important?

Virtual try-on helps the customers to see how clothes fit themselves or create a customer avatar which wears a cloth virtually, so why it’s important.

  • Because it increases user experience.
  • Because it reduces return rates.
  • It engages customers
  • Easily can demonstrate your product.

What Fashion Brands use Augmented Reality?

Many clothing brands are using AR technology in their business and taking benefit from it few of them are;

  • Burberry
  • Gucci
  • ASOS
  • Timberland’s
  • Lacoste

Best AR serving companies in the USA

If you want to get an AR and VR services so, these companies can be on your list

  • CrossComm
  • Appsnation
  • Groove Jones


I hope now that you’re confident enough that AR can be used in the fashion industry because I already shared with you everything you should know regarding Augmented Reality. If I sum up this article, my answer to your question, “can AR be used in the fashion industry? ” is yes, it can be used in the fashion industry.

I hope I have cleared all the doubts and confusion that might be in your mind through this article, but even still, if you have any confusion and doubt regarding this so, you can schedule a free consultation meeting with our experts.

Can Augmented Reality be used in the Fashion industry?

How does AR & VR help you?

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