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Understanding The Key Differences Between Game Design And Game Development

Understanding The Key Differences Between Game Design And Game Development

The gaming industry is among the most profitable industries worldwide. There are billions of gamers worldwide, and the number is rising with every passing day. All these gamers play different kinds of games. However, when it comes to knowing how games are built, there is much detail and a little confusion. Game design is a very detailed process, a task that involves many steps. A game designer must have a thorough knowledge of the video game industry and keep up-to-date with what’s happening in it. The video game design document is an essential step in the development process, so regardless of whether you are interested in becoming a videogame designer or video game developer, read this article carefully.

What Is A Video Game Designing?

Video game design starts like any other design project. It begins with the idea. Knowing which audience you will be targeting, the genre, and what is expected of you helps you significantly determine your end product. Once the initial phase is concluded, the work moves into the second phase, where everything requiring detailed inputs is put on the table. These can include characters, plots, storyline and flow, stages, difficulty, etc. Once these details are finalized, video game designers then pull a few strings to proceed with the more technical analysis of the theme. They now begin handling the intricate details of the design and building multiple concepts that fit the scenario.

Video game designers usually look at the feel and execution of the game. In this phase, the design gets finalized, and then the project can enter the next phase. A video game designer is usually an experienced individual with a deep understanding of games. A game designer is a professional who knows the psyche of the gamers. Knowing what is preferred by the gamers is extremely important.

What Is Video Game Development?

Video game development is the latter part of a game project. It involves coding, and software development, including the sound effects and mapping of the plan to the actual gameplay. Anyone who transforms ideas and concepts into a fully-functional and playable game is called a video game developer. Video game development is no walk in the park. It requires sheer programming, logic-building and problem-solving skills to make a game exquisite.

Designers and developers have their roles to play when creating a game. One who focuses on the design aspect should be able to see the imaginative vision of the game designer and bring that idea into reality. Another has to take care of all technical aspects and understand and implement that idea into a product or service, even if it means writing thousands of lines of code!

Must-Have Skills, Experience & Expertise For Video Game Developers And Video Game Designers

To become a video game developer or designer, you need to understand multiple disciplines besides programming thoroughly.

Let’s look at what you need to know if you want to become a video game developer.

Skills Required For Video Game Development

A career in game development can be challenging. Apart from knowledge, you need to have a few skills to become a good video game developer. These include excellent coding/programming skills, knowledge and experience of any programming language used in game development, passion for learning and improving existing game development skills, and knowledge and experience in C++, C#, or others. If you want to become a professional game developer, this blog is for you!

Now let’s move further and see what you require as a video game designer to build a perfect game.

Skills Required For Video Game Design

An aspiring game designer needs to have excellent knowledge of 3D modelling, strong visual and drawing skills, robust problem-solving and logic-building, and a creative approach towards development and original content production. Being a game designer requires you to have a few skills. These are Strong knowledge of 3D modelling and development, Impeccable visual and drawing skills, Robust and analytical approach toward development and design, Sturdy communication and tasks management skills, and Excellent problem solving and logic-building. A creative and innovative approach to new problems and providing solutions with a different perspective are also required for this position.

Cost Of Game Development

The cost of creating an app is dependent on several factors, such as your target market, features, and game design. For example, if you’re looking to create a custom game for Android or iOS platforms, it can be under $50,000 or as high as $100K+. The final price band will depend on where in the development process you are: whether a basic wireframe is required or if the design needs to be 3D modeled; whether there will be animation and user interface development involved or not; and much more. The main thing to remember here is that it all depends on your end product and what functions it will have.


Want to know how to develop a video game? You need to know about the trending technologies. Depending on what you are looking to achieve, these technologies change. Requirements for video game design are different from video game development. So, if you want either of the services, you need to know what you require to complete the project. Mobile apps are growing rapidly among all other technologies, and a mobile gaming app can be a great way to get into the market. Don’t waste any time waiting if you have an idea that could be a million-dollar idea. Appsnation can build you an amazing mobile gaming app with perfection, and we have a complete team of game designing and development experts. At Appsnation, we have a complete team of game designing and game development experts that can build you a world-class game. Are you ready to get your own game developed? Get started NOW!

Understanding The Key Differences Between Game Design And Game Development

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