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How do I hire a mobile app developer? 2022 Guide

You want to build a mobile application, right?

Are you an entrepreneur, founder, project manager, and investor looking for the best app

developers for a startup or company? This is the right place for you.

We break this guide into three segments to easily find the best mobile or phone app developers.

  • how to find a developer to build an app
  • where to find app developers
  • how much does an app developer cost
  • How to find a developer to build an app

App development is the most demanding skill, and it’s a mandatory requirement for any small or big startup, but the question is how to find a reputable app developer? that can develop a mobile app for your company at an affordable price

Challenges You might face

Before finding an app developer, I would like to tell you some challenges that you might facewhile hiring an app developer.

Time Zone Gaps
Language barrier
Lack of communication

You have to consider all four factors; otherwise, you might face challenges while working withthe app developer.

Budget & Time Zone gaps

Before starting the project, you have to discuss the budget first with the app developer. It’s better to go with an app developer who lives in your country so you can talk with him without any trouble; otherwise, if you’ll hire an app developer from another country so you might face timing issues.

Language barrier

Language is one of the main elements you must consider while hiring an app developer; otherwise, you can’t understand what he’s saying?

Lack of communication

Again lack of communication is another big problem you might face, so you have to choose that mobile application developer who has good communication skills because without knowing your project, he’ll never deliver you the best quality.

Things To Consider Before Hiring a Mobile Application Developer

Choosing a good mobile application developer is not an easy task because nowadays, many developers are present that can give you mobile app development services. However, you have to hire the best app developer at an affordable cost; we list down a few factors that you can consider to find the best reputable app developer.

  • Portfolio
  • Price
  • Knowledge & past experience


The first factor is that you must factor in the app developer’s portfolio. Yes, his portfolio speaks automatically, so you can judge the work and experience of the app developer by checking his portfolio. His portfolio will tell you how much command the app developer has over his skill.


The 2nd most important factor you can consider is the app development price. You can check the current price range of app development by just visiting different sites, so you’ll have an idea of how much an app developer costs?

Knowledge & Past experience

The last but not the least factor you can consider while hiring an app developer is his experience. The one simple trip that I would like to give you regarding how to check a developer’s past experience? Once you choose a developer, you can go to his LinkedIn profile and check his experience.

Where to find app developers?

There are many ways to find App developers; many sites offer web, app, and digital marketing services, but here I’ll tell you three ways to find a good app developer.

  • Search on Google
  • Search on LinkedIn
  • Market Places

Search on Google

In this method, you search keywords on google like “best app developers, “Mobile application developer,” and the best app development company in California, so you’ll find the best app development sites.

We have already done little research for you; here are the best app development sites you can see.

  • (recommended)

Search on Linkedin

Another way to find a good app developer is Linkedin; yes, you heard right, it’s the biggest social media platform there; you’ll find thousands of professionals; you type an app developer and boom! You’ll see 1000s of profiles

Market Places

The last place where you can find the app developers is through marketplaces, where you’ll find many developers with their reviews and ratings. Here I’m giving you a list of some popular marketplaces

How much does an app developer cost?

Well, price ranges are not fixed. It varies on different factors like developers’ experience,portfolio, knowledge, regions, nature of the app, type of app, and a hell of a lot of other things matter when we talk about the cost of the app development, but just for your knowledge, I’ll give you a list of estimate price so, you’ll have an idea.


I hope you’re now confident enough to make a decision because, in this guide, we have already covered all the necessary things that you should know before hiring an app developer. You can go with this guide and take your company or startup to the next level.

If you want to know my opinion or suggestion to recommend the best app development company, the Appsnation would be my 1st priority because it matches all the criteria I had told you in this guide. In the comment box, does this guide help you or not?

How do I hire a mobile app developer? 2022 Guide

How do I hire a mobile app

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